summer 2003
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chinanight DE_P_sign icecream JA_dinner pib_potluck1 pib_potluck2
talent show Daniel and Peter by the directory listing Wiles' name
going out for icecream after the talent show
Jaime and a meal involving multiple food groups
potluck left potluck right
princeton1 JA_TJ_gym princeton2 P_DE_door ribbon_dance scholar_garden
princeton's architecture is ridiculous...
Jaime and tj in front of the princeton gym--note the gargoyles
where are the serfs?! Peter and Daniel by Wiles' office door
some students did a ribbon dance at the talent show
we visited a chinese scholar garden in staten island
TJ_DE_door W_Y_X tongwu W_Y_X
tj and Daniel by Wiles's door
me with watermelon
my PiB roommates, Andrew, Mike,  and Nat
teachers Wang, Yuan, and Xiao at the met