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AA1 AE_scrabble AG1 AG_escalators JA_sinister JD
Ashton Adam plays scrabble Andy in the mall Andy plays on the escalators Jaime looking sinister John D outside cafe java
johnny_spot JS_TJ pink_coat rainbow1 rainbow2
this one is just for Johnny W. Jude and tj Corey (inaugural picture of my camera)
pink coat rainbow1 rainbow2
rainbow3 rainbow4 rainbow5 SR TJ1 TJ_AE
rainbow3 rainbow4 rainbow5 Sasha tj tj and Adam
TJ_kennedy   tj_CC_most_intellectual tj_CC_most_intellectual
tj at kennedy plaza   tossing for orchestra money
a painting my mom did of me
Ben, tj, and Leta after a dance performance perils of living across from a campus paper editor (used in "a day in the life of brown" issue)
TJ_kennedy tj_CC_most_intellectual tj_CC_most_intellectual tj_CC_most_intellectual tj_CC_most_intellectual
white water rafting the new river in virginia with Mo, Jahred, and Steve, spring '01 things get dicey Steve is tossed from the boat with dislocated patella back in the day:  Caitlin & tj in yearbook "most intellectual" photo minnehaha track team '98 reading piccolo duets with Kim at all-state '97

and some nice movies of my brain, taken with a 1.5T Siemens MR scanner:

saggital fly-through
coronal fly-through
axial fly-through