hanging out in boston

june 2003
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CN_copley CN_EL_lunch CN_trumpet copley_building EL_throne E_M_party
chilling with Courtney at copley square Courtney and Elvedin, lunch at mit Courtney heralds citizen schools event tall sky Elvedin's birthday throne Elvedin and Melissa at a blurry party
key_handoff KH_TJ MP_TJ TJ_dresser pride2 MP_TJ_BR
completely candid shot of Martha receiving the key to her new apartment Kim, tj, and Martha's dresser Martha, tj, and Martha's dresser tj and Martha's dresser
Ed, Jebrell, Elvedin and Melissa at pride
Martha, tj, and Ben, at Ben's blurry party
valhalla_kittens1 valhalla_kittens2
Courtney's and Ny's band, the valhalla kittens
another valhalla_kittens shot