winter 2004

cambridge, MA

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new year's eve--or, publicity shot for our new sitcom: "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sara" Sara and Evan are hot. Rusty looks sporting. Daniel and Sara share the first moment of 2004. then things started exploding in the sky. the crowd is stupefied.

citric refuse

multi-legged visitor to Daniel and Rusty's basement

what a bizarre-looking sloth menacing bizarreness   Dan and Alissa examine shiny shoes

last game with Rusty



Andrew and James at scrabble night (that game)

fun with scrabble tiles at Rachel's found art in the tufts cafeteria closer-up
some antics on a frozen walden pond
  James, Rachel, and Justine James, Rachel, and Justine James, Rachel, and Justine James, Rachel, and Justine James and tj
interesting image on the highway getting closer…

kinda scary-looking

whoa deep in thought James dynamically rearranges his tiles. (link to the game)
in the booth on super tuesday happened upon an unorthadox proposal at the burren in davis square foldy purpleness we got to play with some dogs they were cuddly and fun and they like James.
Dan and Alissa threw a party
  someone whose name i don't remember and a happy Alissa James, Alissa, and Dan this is a picture of a camera showing a picture of me taking a picture with my camera Dan and James discuss the finer points of playing a recorder with your nose James and Alissa critique the recorder-nosing