fall 2003

cambridge, MA

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Bedford Day!  the parade:

cheerleaders on fire
they pulled out all the stops for this parade
Kim and Rusty appreciate the efforts of the bedford high color guard
some random weird-looking character on the back of a truck
my favorite part of the parade
my new room, before…
…and after.
Rusty lives it up at tj's b-day party
the ultimate in kitchen organization
Rusty and Daniel on the T
Inho, Adam, and Spyro (housewarming)
Kim's birthday group shot
Kim's birthday picnic
the birthday girl
birthday girl plus cake
    the view from my new office
view to the left…
and to the right

rub a dub dub...
three men in a...
piece of playground equipment
Daniel likes swings
found a couch
exterior decorating
halloween 2003
costume party:
how do these safety pins work?
your friendly neighborhood UV-blocking molecule
more people got our costume when we got to MIT (it's ozone)
we bonded.
pre-thanksgiving dinner at Adam, Chris, and Dan's place,
23 nov. '03
kudos to Dan and his culinary minions
Jen and Ben are blurrily surprised at their unexpected joint birthday bash Jen and Ben blow out their birthday candles, impressionist-style Grandma and Dad at xmas Caitlin and Kurt... eruditely debate... how to pose for the picture.